Girlguiding UK launched a challenge to start the centenary with Changing the world projects

Girlguiding Buckinghamshire's Rainbow, Brownie and Guide units have changed the world with the following activities during late 2009.

1st Hughenden Valley Guides

In order to decide which Changing the World project the unit did, the Guides were given the booklet outlining each of the projects. In their patrols they had to decide which one they thought the unit should do. Having decided on a project they were given further information about what the project involved. They then had to sell the project to the Leaders in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ situation. The final decision was to support the Crisis project.

The first task, which was very successful, was to collect new socks, which were given to homeless people at the temporary centres run by Crisis over the Christmas period. They also learnt about homelessness, made collages of what the Guides thought a homeless person looks like, played games relating to homelessness, discussed homelessness facts and figures and held a sponsored walk to raise money for Crisis (see pictures below). They were very pleased to have raised a total of £156 which has been sent to Crisis. 

Kingswood Trefoil Guild

Donated £26.00 from their thinking Day to a local charity called the Lantern Club. This organisation provides lunch and activities to elderly patients who are suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s and have been referred by social services. We also raised £50.00 from a sausage sizzle and a further £22.00 fro a coffee morning which had been donated to the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home.

High Wycombe Trefoil Guild

Organized a Bring and Buy Sale during their April meeting and raise £90.15 for Book Aid.
Ouse Valley Trefoil Guild organized a Raffle for the Stony Stratford Guides for their charity “The Railway Children” and attended Bedfordshire “afternoon tea” and participated in their Bring a Book bookstall for Book Aid.

Milton Keynes Trefoil Guild

Chose Girlguiding UK Branch Associations to help raise funds for the Internet Café in Anguilla. We raised money through selling obsolete badges, our penny pot, we also raised £77.50 at our annual Quiz Night. Our Island Café was a huge success and raised the wonderful sum of £156.00 and the total amount sent to Girlguiding UK was £310.00 a sum we are all delighted with.

Buckinghamshire Trefoil Guild

Enjoyed an Open Garden Day (July 09) at the home of Dr and Mrs Primrose in High Wycombe. Home made cake and tea was very refreshing on a lovely hot day followed by a very interesting talk by Dr Primrose on the plants found in the garden. A total of £332.20 was raised for the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home, as part of the Help the Hospices project.

The 1st Gerrards Cross Guides

Supported PLAN. Someone went to talk to the girls about photography and they are currently collating their photographs for an exhibition we are holding next Friday jointly with the 4th Gerrards Cross Brownies. We will also be exhibiting collages and posters that the girls have created during the project, displaying their thoughts about the differences between England and Liberia. They will be bringing in home-made cakes and serving/selling refreshments.
Ruth and Frances from Amersham Trefoil Guild are doing something from the "other" category (hidden on the back page of the booklet). We have set up 50 sponsorships for UK units to sponsor Rainbows, Brownies and Guides in Romania. "Challenge" it certainly is! The hardest part is actually getting the money through the bureaucracy to the units. There are some super partnerships developing, Romanian units have gained a great deal in friendship and financially, and there is still much to be done.

4th Newport Pagnell Brownies

Chose the British Red Cross as their Changing the World project. It has not been the easiest of tasks but they have shown a great deal of character in learning about this wonderful organisation. They have had to prioritise as to what constitutes an emergency, something that many adults would have difficulty deciding. They have played the parts of Red Cross volunteers, created temporary shelters as if if they were in the field of action and imagined themselves as a refugee in a camp after storms, floods earthquakes or war has driven them from their homes. They have at present raised £50 with hopefully more to follow. (April 09)

10th Chesham Guides

Completed the Sing for Change project, raising money for WaterAid in Nepal. We performed the six songs and a play for senior citizens at our annual party and for parents. We have sent £187 to WaterAid and are now proudly wearing our badges.

1st Marlow Bottom Brownies

Ran a Mother's Day themed pop up shop in St Mary's Church Hall, Marlow Bottom, securing £540 for the Save the Children charity. The girls all earned their Change the World badge as part of of Girlguiding UK's centenary. Tawny owl Catherine Legerton said: “It was so well supported, it was fantastic. "We weren't expecting so many people through the doors, it was a really good atmosphere and the girls enjoyed it. “They put in a lot of hard work.” The Brownies were also supported on the day by leaders brown owl Wendy Beckett, snowy owl Jo Keys and district commissioner Rosemary Lewis. (March 2009)

1st Holtspur Brownies

Are supporting the Woodlands Trust. The Brownies have collected Christmas cards which were put into the Woodlands Trust Recycle Boxes, keeping a Springwatch diary noting spring flowers blooming, Buds on trees, birds building nests and looking out for insects. They also hope to plant a tree in the Church grounds. The girls are thoroughly enjoying this project.

1st Newport Pagnell Guides

Are supporting the Crisis project and collected 31 pairs of brand new socks to send to Crisis to use at Christmas! Another one of the activities we have done is "What does a homeless person look like?" In small groups the Guides used a length of lining paper to draw around one of them and then used various materials to make a collage of a homeless person. The Guides were very thoughtful and informed and gave each of their homeless people a back story.

We also did the "Telling Stories" activity from the Crisis pack. The Guides divided into small groups and each group was given a different scenario from the pack to tell the stories of homeless people. We spread this activity over two weeks giving plenty of time for rehearsal and the Guides brought in props for the performance. The Guides prepared the activity seriously and their sketches were thought prevoking but also brought out some hilarious perfomances such as causing trouble in school! The following slide show features photos from 1st Newport Pagnell Guides in action.

1st Crownhill Brownies

From Milton Keynes voted for the WWF One Planet project as our "Changing the World" project.
We are currently working on the "Energy" section. We have found out all about polar bears and why their habitat is being threatenend by climate change. We have talked about ways we can reduce how much energy we use, and worked out how big each of our "footprints" are. We have made polar bear habitat boxes and a big collage on our notice board. Next we are going to find out how we can reduce our waste, and help save marine wildlife. To complete the challenge we are going to invite our families and friends to a "One Planet Party" to show them what we have learnt!

3rd Marlow Guides

Have performed their pantomime and raised £105.25 for the Railway Children project.

2nd Aylesbury Brownies

Are supporting WWF and have made collages of habitats for local wildlife - this idea used some of the WWF challenge resources. We tied this in with involvement in the Ellesborough hedge planting project in half term, October 2008 where some of the Brownies attended a session one morning. After looking at habitats for british wildlife we made apple pies from local produce and discussed the very long distances some food travels to get to our supermarkets. We also looked at everyday products to discover that a large number contain palm oil and how the production of this oil is harming rainforest habitats in Borneo, threatening the orangutan. Also we thought about the effect of plastic waste on the marine environment and its impact on albatrosses and turtles. The girls made mosaics and waste posters using old plastic bags and some got carried away and made plastic models of turtles using the bags! The turtle collage was made from marks and spencer and Morrison bags. The slide show below shows the Brownies making these items.

2nd Stewkley Brownies

Are supporting Asthma UK Project. Several Brownies suffer from asthma as well as Brown Owl and others have family members or relations with asthma. The Brownies have enjoyed playing the games and especially making mucus! This worked really well as they worked in their sixes and each six made their mucus slightly different. They then realised the thickest mucus represented the worse asthma an d the thinnest the normal breather. They have really picked up on all the triggers with the help of the song and they came up with their own actions as well. They recently did their first aid badge so this has helped them with what to do with an asthma sufferer. We have raised £120 by doing dusting and hoovering at home and at a Table top sale & Cake stall (Nov 2008), the Brownies had a great time at the sale evening and helped on all the stalls! This has been a great project and the resource pack was really useful.

4th Gerrards Cross Guides

Are supporting the CAMFED project and have so far raised £70 for the charity that helps girls in Africa go to school.

4th Aylesbury Brownies

Are supporting WWF and made apple pie using local apples from Brown Owl's garden. This idea sprung from the WWF Planet Challenge website.

The following slide show has 4 photos from the Ellesborough Hedge planting week, in late October 2008. The hedge consists of a mixture of eight deciduous native species planted along the eastern and southern boundaries of the site. All plants, shelters and stakes were donated by the Woodland Trust working in conjunction with Girlguiding UK, for campsite makeovers. About 50 Girlguiding volunteers came to Ellesborough during the week to help create a hedge of approximately 400 plants and 120 metres long.

2nd Steeple Claydon Brownies

Have chosen to work with the Railway Children charity who work with runaway children. We have already started learning about dreams and will be holding our first fund raising event next month when we will have a table of christmas crafts at the village WI Christmas Fayre. The charity have been very helpful in providing us with a host of goodies to have on the stall so that we can talk about their work.

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