Chepping and High Wycombe Division

South West Bucks

Chepping & High Wycombe Division is an active division. On an annual basis for many years now we have offered all girls in the Division a trip to see the pantomime in Aylesbury. We also have a regular division-wide Guide and Ranger challenge when the units all get together outdoors at Ellesborough and are challenged to cook a meal outdoors using a set of (previously unknown) ingredients – just like the TV programme Ready Steady Cook! We have a shield which gets engraved with the winning unit’s name and is then held by that unit until the challenge takes place again. Similarly, we have another challenge across all Brownie units in the Division. The theme differs each time it is held; sometimes it is craft based, sometimes outdoors, sometimes activity based. Once again there is a shield which gets engraved with the winning unit’s name! We also try to hold a Division swimming competition every couple of years or so with races for Brownies, Guides, Rangers and adults! This is usually a very popular event with lots of parents and family members cheering all the girls on! We also do our best to encourage our units to offer the girls exciting trips away – especially encouraging Brownies to visit and stay at Pax Lodge, Guides to visit Our Chalet and, before the pandemic, we were working towards offering a trip to Our Cabana to our Rangers. For the Girlguiding Centenary (admittedly a few years ago now) we organised a Division trip to Switzerland to visit Our Chalet. It was a tremendous success with the oldest participant a Trefoil member in her 80s and the youngest a Brownie of 8.

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